Things to Do Across the US: Part 2 – Missouri to Tennessee

id=”mod_26229383″>Part 2 – Missouri to Tennessee

Day two of my travel started in St. Louis, Missouri and ended in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. If you day one of my trip that included Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri, check out Part 1. As I mentioned in Part 1, Gatlinburg was the destination we had budgeted the most time for. We had a long list of things to do in Gatlinburg, so we set aside two days to get it done.

It was an 8 hour drive from St. Louis to Gatlinburg, but it was well worth it. From the second you enter Gatlinburg, which is pushed up against the Smokey Mountains, there are things to see. The streets are lined with shops and attractions (see photos), beckoning every passerby to stop.

The great thing about Gatlinburg is, if you did not have anything in particular planned upon arrival, you can always find something to do simply by looking left or 퍼스트카지노 right as you are driving. There are shows, restaurants, souvenir shops, rides, museums, aquariums, and more. As you make your way deeper into Gatlinburg, it looks as if you are in a tiny village. The streets are narrow, people are walking everywhere, and the attractions are packed closer and closer together. This is the part of town that we were most looking forward to. On this part o the street are all of the Ripley’s attractions. There is the Ripley’s Odditorium, which is a museum displaying odd things. There is also a Ripley’s Guinness World Record Museum, where you can see a large amount of strange, and non-strange, world records. By far the greatest Ripley’s attraction, in my opinion, is the aquarium. The aquarium boasts a large number of marine animals, as well as an awesome viewing area for sharks and other larger marine animals.

Picture from the Ripley’s Aquarium Things to Do in Gatlinburg, TN

I mentioned all of the Ripley’s attractions, but I am going to go into a bit more depth, especially with the aquarium. The full name of the aquarium, for GPS and Searching purposes, is Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies. Hands down, one of the greatest aquariums I have had the pleasure of experiencing.

As far as aquariums go, especially those in heavy tourism areas, the prices (which you can see on their website) are reasonable. This aquarium has a lot to see and kept my son, who was 7 months old at the time, occupied for a couple of hours.

What sets this aquarium apart from most other aquariums is their conveyor belt. Yes, conveyor belt. At one point, you can step on a slow moving conveyor belt that takes you around there largest tank that houses a number of fish and other marine life, as well as their sharks. This feature allows visitors the perfect opportunity to view the sharks and other marine life without the hassle of bumping elbows with the other visitors.

Gatlinburg – Pigeon Forge – Smokey Mountains

“lat”:35.714148999999999,”lng”:-83.513335999999995,”zoom”:10,”mapType”:”ROADMAP”,”markers”:[],”moduleId”:”26229386″ Gatlinburg

What would you want to see most in Gatlinburg?


Ripley’s Museums

Forget attractions, gimme the Smokey Mountains

See results Food!

So, food. For the love of God, go to Johnny Rockets, especially if you have never been there. It is a casual burger place, made to like like an old-school diner. My wife and I had not seen a Johnny Rockets since leaving Rhode Island for Colorado over 3 years prior to this trip. We could not resist. If you like burgers, as well as a restaurant easy on the wallet, check it out. It is right on the main street amongst the attractions.

The road up to the top of the Smokey MountainsView from the top of the Smokey MountainsMore of that mountain view The Smokey Mountains

Picturesque. Majestic. Breathtaking. I could keep going, but it would probably be better if I explained what I am referring to. The Smokey Mountains. Do not leave the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area without visiting the Smokey Mountains.

The road that will take you to the mountains is something out of a book, or a movie (see photo). It is exactly what you would expect a forest/mountain road to look like. Lined with trees, winding, and offering a cool mountain breeze. It is almost worth the drive to the mountains just to experience the drive itself.

What’s great is that you are able to drive up the mountain, and the fact that there are multiple stopping places along the way to the top that offer breathtaking views (see photos). The Smokey Mountains may not be the highest mountains, but that does not make the views any less spectacular. An added plus is the fact that parts of the mountain are pet friendly.

Where to Stay

As I mentioned in Part 1, and in all my blogs for that matter, do your research. Gatlinburg offers a plethora of hotel accommodations. There is a hotel for every budget. My wife had stayed at the Bearskin Lodge on the River on a previous trip and loved it. We were going to stay there, but unfortunately they do not accept pets.

So, we decided to stay at the La Quinta, as we usually do now. The La Quinta was in Pigeon Forge, but as you can see from the map above, Pigeon Forge borders Gatlinburg and the hotel was literally minutes the aquarium and museums. Although we were not in Gatlinburg, the street the hotel was on is lined with restaurants, attractions, and shops.

As I mentioned in Part 1, La Quinta hotels are great because of their spacious rooms, pillow top mattresses, rewards program, and of course, complimentary breakfast.

Next – Things to Do Across the US Part 3

Soon to come will be Part 3 of Things to Do Across the US. Part 3 will feature day four of the trip: Tennessee to Pennsylvania. On day four we drove from Gatlinburg to Hershey, Pennsylvania. I had never been to Hershey, and my wife was looking forward to going again. If you haven’t noticed, my wife has travelled quite a bit, unlike myself. Be sure not to miss Part 3, coming soon.

DISCLAIMER: I did my research, so you should do yours. While I hope my blog helped you, do not take my word for anything, especially those involving prices, weather, etc. I take no responsibility for anything that may go wrong on your trip (although hopefully all will go well).


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Google Play Not Detecting Music Solution

Why It Is Difficult To Recognise Music By Google Play

Google play has been found as the digital distributor which is operated by Google. It is an app storage device for the Android device. It helps you to browse and download number of applications that you want. It is helpful to you in number of ways but can demand help for it at certain point of time. If you need help for it, you may connect to customer support that are quite helpful in urgency.

Technical experts has resolved number of issues.Here,you can see solution to one:

Why Google play is not recognising music?

It is first required to refresh your library. It is required for you to follow these easy steps:

You should first open Google Play Music app

There is need to touch the “Menu” icon

Also, you need to know that “Downloaded only” switch is off, switch will become gray when it’s off.

However, go in “Settings” and then “Refresh.”

However, you need to wait for two minutes, 릴게임야마토 and should view your library again.

There is need to remove cache for Google Play Music app

Now, you may check the updates for the Google Play Music app.

You should check the option of sync settings . Here’s how:

First, open “Settings” app on your device.

From Touch accounts,you need to touch Google.

There is need to touch the account you use with Google Play Music.

Ensure the checkbox next to Google Play Music has been checked.

It is time to start your device.

It may obvious that you might not find the solution to this issue helpful, it is required for the user to connect with team of experts. Technicians will try to understand the complete issue and will help you with solution based on modern techniques. Tech experts could be reached anytime when you need them. If you find the solution satisfactory provided by experts then you can get help for other issues too.

If you explore, you can go for other options in urgency, you can do live chat and emailing to experts when you need solution. If you are not registered and are free, you can follow online guides and discussion column provided by tech experts.

For contacting technical experts, you may dial Google Play Support Number for Google Play Store issues anytime else you can follow the provided instruction for solution.

How to Get Local HD Channels through Cable Without an Extra Box


If you’ve just made the leap to a high definition television set, you’re probably feeling a bit daunted by this rapidly evolving technology. It can be difficult for a new HDTV owner to figure out what is truly an HD signal and how to receive it. If you have cable, your cable company will likely tell you that you need to pay an extra monthly fee for an HD capable cable box. But you can actually receive HD signals through your current cable line without the need for a box, and this guide will tell you how.

Hooking Your Cable Straight into Your HDTV

Depending on where you live, you may have been able to plug your cable straight into your old TV set to get the basic channels, or you may have been required to use a box for each TV connected to your cable. Regardless, your HDTV will now be able to see cable channels simply by plugging the coaxial cable line (the one that comes straight into your house from outside) straight into the back of the TV. Here are the steps for beginning this process:

Plug or screw the coaxial cable into the proper input on the back of your TV. It will be the metallic one with threads, not any of the multicolored ones.

If you are just turning on your new TV for the first time, it will most likely ask if you want to conduct a channel scan. It will also provide you with the option to scan for Antenna or Cable channels. You should choose Cable. If you do not see this screen on startup, consult your TV’s manual to find out where the Channel Scan function is.

Start the Channel Scan. During this process your TV will either be black or 샌즈카지노쿠폰 showing the manufacturer’s logo. This may last for up to ten minutes.

When the channel scan completes, you should be able to scan through your TV’s channels and see all of those that your cable company includes in the basic package. You will also see some extra channels that may not be listed in your cable company’s lineup.

Finding Out What Channels You Receive in What Order

Remember to scan through each of the channels your TV’s auto-scan discovered in order to find your local stations in HD. Often, they are not too easy to find, residing somewhere in the 100s. Sometimes, 코인카지노쿠폰 they are located on the same channel number as their over-the-air antenna number. This can be confusing if you were used to watching them on yet another channel on your old TV set.

Again, depending on where you live and how your cable company currently sends out its signal, you may receive a full lineup of “analog” channels, followed by a lineup of “digital” channels. If your cable company made you use a converter box for all of your old TV sets, chances are you will only see the “digital” lineup. In each of these digital lineups, you will find all of your local network affiliates in true HD. Your cable company is actually required to bring you these channels in HD with no extra fee.

Cable Box vs. “Boxless” Cable

If you watch TV mainly through a cable box, more than likely this box has no HD capability. These are two ways to tell if your box is not HD capable:

It only has one coaxial cable output. (This is the cable that usually has a screw-on connector.)

It has one coaxial cable output and three other connectors that are red, white, and yellow in color.

It is likely that you will get more channels on this box than you would with the cable plugged straight into the TV. The only problem is that those channels won’t be in HD. But if you don’t watch much cable beyond the basic channels, this may not be an issue.

Conclusion: Local Channels in HD No Matter What

When you get a new HDTV set, you should test to see how many channels you receive

with the cable plugged straight into the TV. If you can still see all of your basic cable channels in the order you are used to, 더킹카지노쿠폰 (Click Home) in addition to new channels after this lineup ends, you will most likely not need an extra box. If you see less channels, it will probably be easier to pay the extra fee for an HD box, but you will still be able to see a basic lineup in standard definition and the local network affiliates in true high definition without any sort of additional box.


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12 months ago

Do you think I can cancel my expensive and horrific sudden link and still get local


4 years ago

I’m able to get the local stations using the cable line that provides my broadband. Last night pbs kids vanished. I was able to recalibrate one tv and found it under another channel. However, my samsung TV will not find the same station during the channel scan as my TV in the kids room. Anyone have expedience with this dilemma?